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Baby Beanie


Newborn Beanie Pattern

Use 5mm needles and double knit or 8 ply wool . Cast on 48 stitches.

Work in knit 1, purl 1 (rib) for 6 rows.

Knit in stocking stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) for 7 cm. End with a purl row.It should measure about 10 cm.

Decrease for top of hat.

Next row: Knit 2 together along row – you get 24 stitches

Purl next row.

Next row: Knit 2 together along row – you get 12 stitches.

Purl next row.

Next row: Knit 2 together along row – you get 6 stitches.

Cut wool leaving a long tail for sewing up. Thread end of wool onto a darning needle, then thread remaining stitches off the needle and onto the wool. Pull tight then sew down side of hat. You can make a pom pom for the top as I did, or just leave as is.


Bootie Pattern

This bootie pattern was sent into me by one of my newsletter readers, Vivienne. It’s for prem babies and I’m sure Middlemore Hospital would love to receive these from you.

Garter Stitch Booties   3 0r 4 Ply

Length 7cm. 1x25g 3 or 4ply wool. Size 3.25mm needles for 3ply or 3mm needles for 4ply.

Cast on 42sts. Knit 22 rows in garter stitch (knit only).

Cast off 9sts and the beginning of the next 2 rows.

Knit 16 rows.

Next row: k2tog along the row to end.

Repeat above row.

Thread needle through remaining stitches, pull up and flat stitch seam leaving a turn over at the top. Sew up back seam also with flat stitch.


A lot of my newsletter readers knitted these and sent them to Middlemore Hospital, which badly needs knitting for babies and children who leave hospital and go back to unheated homes. They are happy to take rugs, blankets, booties and beanies in any size from prem babies up to toddlers.  Wellington Hospital would also love them, see address below:

If you would like to help out, send them here:

Please use wool not acrylic. About 30% of the children they treat at the hospital come from unheated homes so your knitting can help keep them healthy and warm.

Send to:

South Auckland Health Foundation

C Floor, Building 2,
Middlemore Hospital,
Otahuhu, Auckland 1640

Wellington Hospital

The person to contact about baby knitting at Wellington Hospital is the Volunteer Co- Ordinator Trish Lee on 04 385 5999. She will be pleased to receive any pure wool knitting, eg hats, cardigans, rugs, and booties, and there is a prem baby knitting book available with patterns.

2 thoughts on “Baby Beanie

  • Evaine

    I would like to knit and donate to help these babies.
    Can you please tell me where I can get the pattern for the baby beanie or anything else that would be of use.

    Also any information on where to send them would be appreciated

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