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Baby Beanie

Baby Beanie

A lot of my newsletter readers knitted these and sent them to Middlemore Hospital, which badly needs knitting for babies and children who leave hospital and go back to unheated homes. They are happy to take rugs, blankets, booties and beanies in any size from prem babies up to toddlers.  Wellington Hospital would also love them, see address below:

If you would like to help out, send them here:

Please use wool not acrylic. About 30% of the children they treat at the hospital come from unheated homes so your knitting can help keep them healthy and warm.

Send to:

South Auckland Health Foundation

C Floor, Building 2,
Middlemore Hospital,
Otahuhu, Auckland 1640

Wellington Hospital

The person to contact about baby knitting at Wellington Hospital is the Volunteer Co- Ordinator Trish Lee on 04 385 5999. She will be pleased to receive any pure wool knitting, eg hats, cardigans, rugs, and booties, and there is a prem baby knitting book available with patterns.

4 Responses to Baby Beanie

  1. Pat says:

    does the knitting have to be in pure wool as I have quite a few pairs of bootees that are not knitted in wool and also beanies. I have a lot of acrylic wool that I want to knit up and thought someone would like them all when I have finished knitting it all up.
    Please inform me of any other place that would like them if you insist on 100% wool.

    • adminSuperWendyl says:

      Hi Pat, they prefer pure wool as it keeps the kids warmer in winter. I’m sure local op shops or similar would take your knitting or perhaps someone here will reply and take some off your hands.

  2. m.bryant says:

    i would love to help with the beanies for the hospital but there is no pattern for it like the other ones thanks

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